Coverstar Automatic and Manual Safety Covers Benefits

Coverstar automatic and manual track pool covers are designed to ensure a safe and secure backyard experience for your family and friends, and yet they are more than just a safety cover. With a Coverstar automatic or manual track safety cover heat loss, chemical use and cleaning time are all reduced. This helps to lessen the environmental impact your pool can have, while increasing the convenience and enjoyment your pool was meant to bring. Take a few minutes to explore our site, and watch the videos below to learn more about the excellent benefits of Coverstar Automatic Safety Covers.

Coverstar was recently showcased on Better, the nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show.

Coverstar Automatic Safety Covers: Wifi Touch Pad
We are extremely excited to introduce the WiFi Touchpad for Coverstar Automatic Swimming Pool Covers. The Coverstar Touchpad connects to your home network and allows complete control of securing your pool.

Coverstar Introductory Video:
There’s no need to put the things you value most at risk. The Coverstar safety cover system is designed to give you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your pool without worries. When you want to swim in your pool, you don’t want spend the time and effort to unfasten and drag a heavy cover off the pool. With a Coverstar system you just flip a switch and clean, refreshing water awaits you. Just dive in – the water’s great!



Coverstar provided and installed our great pool cover as part of a big landscaping project.  Their service was extraordinary (of all the contractors used on our job site, they are the only ones we still recommend).  Even more amazing is the cover!  It keeps our kids safe, has cut our heating bill in half and the pool water stays remarkably clean year round. If you have a pool … you want one of these covers!  

Kevin Graff & Linda Montalbano

Click the above image to download a copy of our automatic safety cover brochure.

Click the above image to download a copy of our automatic safety cover brochure.