Annual Maintenance

Maintenance Packages


Coverstar offers three maintenance packages to best fit your cover’s needs. Click on the different packages to see what each entails. Please note, any winter cover should be removed and pool should be filled before doing any annual maintenance. Any water on the top of the cover must be pumped off before service. Some service calls may require a travel fee, please contact office for more information.


Basic System Maintenance (BSM)

Complete System Maintenance (CSM)

Annual Service Agreement (ASA)

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Protect Your Investment

Coverstar systems are the most reliable on the market however, just like your car, your automatic cover will run better for years to come and be more reliable if it is regularly maintained.

Without regular maintenance you risk spending extra money on labor and parts if the system breaks down. By purchasing a maintenance package each year, your cover receives a complete look over and our technicians address any issues that may pop up during their visit, helping to eliminate the need for any emergency calls during the swimming season.